One Two – Buckle my shoe

One Two Buckle My Shoe ~ Original Nursery Rhymes :

One, two;
Buckle my shoe.

Three, four;
Open the door.

Five, six;
Pick up sticks.

Seven, eight;
Lay them straight.

Nine, ten;
A big, fat hen.

Eleven, twelve;
Dig and delve.

Thirteen, fourteen;
draw the curtain.

Fifteen, sixteen;
Maids in the kitchen.

Seventeen, eighteen;
she’s in waiting.

Nineteen, twenty;
My plate’s empty.

Teach the Numbers to your child from 1-20 with this nursery rhyme. This rhyme will teach your kid rhyming words. The fun rhyming will make the numbers easy to remember for the kid. This fun video with Bloop & Katty is full of learning and magic.

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