1. Parking cars with numbers game


Mom Blogger Linda, a mother of 4 in her blog “Little family fun” teaches us a simple fine motor skill game. It’s easy to make all you need is a cardboard box and your kids car toys. Number each of them and make a parking lot in a numbering sequence. Let the kid arrange all the cars in a sequence – It’s fun, simple and all you need is available at your kids toy room.

Try this little game this weekend and share your feedback.

2. How to correct without criticizing your child

Parents punishing his sad child

Mom Blogger Shannon, a mother of 4 boys and a former teacher writes in her blog about “How to correct without criticizing your child”. A sensitive topic which makes you sit and think have you been nagging your kid lately. But you also have to teach them the right thing without being bossy. This is important as well as critical, be it the time to discuss the matter with your kids or be it choosing the right words.

Read her complete article here


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